7 Tips To Nail Your Video Job Interview

tips video job interview

7 Tips To Nail Your Video Job Interview

Looking for a new job? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Starting over can be difficult, especially if you haven’t had to apply for a new position for a long time. CvCreator helps you to make your application skills up-to-date and today we will talk about the best practices for an online job interview with these 7 tips to nail your video job interview.

With lots of company’s moving their HR-departments to a remote setting, a video interview is becoming the new standard in the world of recruitment. So, if you’re among the many people who are camera shy, it’s time to take steps to fix that. A video call often lasts shorter, is more intensive and tiring, meaning that it doesn’t work quite the same as a ‘live’ interview. What should you keep in mind? Here’s what you need to nail your online job interview.

1. Test the conferencing software in a dry-run.

Ask which tool will be used for your video call and make sure you’re device is all set to connect with this tool. In some cases this means that you need to install a particular piece of software, in other instances, you will receive a link and the video call will take place from your web browser. Popular tools for video interviews are Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet.

After you figured out which tool will be used, make sure to set up your device and practice it extensively: how does your microphone go on and off? Is there a chat function in it? Can you chat in a group and 1-to-1? Can you share your screen? If so, what documents do you want to open for your conversation to share? Is there a whiteboard function? A scribble could be a pleasant break from looking at each other’s faces.

2. Lights-camera-action

While you are setting up and preparing, you might as well check what will be visible when you switch on your camera. Set up the camera in the most flattering angle, because you don’t want your double chin to be in the center of attention.

Is your camera too high? You might create an impression that you are submissive because the recruiter will be looking down on you. Grab a stack of books and vary with the height of your laptop. Make sure you look straight into your camera and your eyes are easy to see. It’s good to have a source of light pointing towards you, preferably natural daylight. Therefore, try to sit in front of a window and avoid backlight.

It is quite normal to create a close-up of your face to get a better connection. Since we are not able to connect in the same way as we would normally do in a natural conversation, you can show more of yourself than you would normally do.

3. Set the scene

Also, take into consideration which room you want to sit in. Do you have a nice study? A well-lit space in your kitchen? A plant in the background works fine, a stack of mail doesn’t. A messy environment can give a wrong impression, as it may seem like you don’t have your house in order (literally and metaphorically).

Make sure that you are alone in the room and that there’s nothing visible that can distract your conversation partner. If it’s hard to find an appropriate background, you can alternatively use the blur function to hide your surroundings.

tips video job interview
4. Don’t use your voice as much as you would in a face-to-face interview.

In a video call, there’s usually a slight delay in the connection. Where you can hum in agreement or shout ‘definitely!’ in a face-to-face discussion, you should keep that for yourself in a video call. It takes time to switch from one’s microphone to another’s, so any hum from your side will be disrupting the person that speaks to you. Be patient, let your conversation partner finish his or her sentences, and express your agreement and understanding in a non-verbal way.

5. Non-verbal response

With audio disruptions being inappropriate during a conference call, it’s better to focus on non-verbally communication to interact. Put your thumb up, raise your hand if you want to say something, and nod clearly with a smile for confirmation. Check what options the conference tool has because often you will also find a digital version of your hand raised or a ‘thumbs up’.

Of course, when you’re being asked a question, you should use a vocal response.

tips video job interview
6. Your clothes

It doesn’t matter if your interview is being held online or offline, you should always dress to impress (I mean in a professional way; please don’t do the glamour thing). Try to take company culture into account in your choice of clothing. You can for example find a company video to have a look inside their office.

What’s equally important, is that the clothes you wear have an impact on your mood and your level of confidence. Wear something that gives you a professional feeling. Did you know that research showed that you have better chances in successful negotiation when you are wearing formal attire? Definitely, something to keep in mind when you’re aiming for growth in salary.

7. It’s okay to cheat

This is a huge benefit of having an online interview. Create cheat sheets on post-it notes and stick them to your screen. You can for example write down your top 3 skills, the reason that you want this job, the questions that you’ve prepared to ask, and anything else you don’t want to forget.

Just keep in mind to not stare at those notes all the time, but you can pretend to stare in the distance to think about your answer, while you are secretly looking at your cheat sheet.

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