Stylish Resume Template and Cover Letter


A Stylish Resume Template in Bright Green for Microsoft Word. It is subtle, eye-catching but not overly-designed.

This design works great for Health-Care Workers, Teachers, Secretaries, and other people-oriented positions.


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This Stylish Resume Template Includes

1. The Stylish Resume Template, provided in both A4 and Letter size Microsoft Word Documents (.docx)
2. A User Guide that gives you detailed information on how to edit the file.
3. A Resume Writing Guide written by a recruiter with practical directions and info, including an extensive list with action verbs!
4. A pre-written Cover Letter Template, you only need to fill in the blanks!
5. Excellent user support by the creator of the template in case you have any questions.


Technical Requirements

You need to have at least MS Word 2007 (for Windows or Mac OS) or newer to be able to work with these templates. They will not work properly with other software like Google Docs, OpenOffice, WordOnline, etc. Some of the features used in the templates are not supported by this software. If you don’t have MS Word, you can download it at the following link: from the official website which offers a free trial for one month.


How to Start

1. Purchase the Stylish Resume Template.
2. You will receive the instant download link in your mailbox or you can download the template from your personal page.
3. After downloading the file, you just need to double-click on the zip file and it will automatically extract it. If this doesn’t work for you, just download WinZip @
4. Open the template in Microsoft Word and start adding your own details. You can customize the template by changing Fonts, Colors, or anything else. The file is fully editable.


Which Resume to Choose?

Choosing the right resume to represent you is a personal decision. You want to stand out while remaining professional. This differs for every person and every job you are applying for – which is why we offer different templates.

  • Does this Stylish Resume Template present me in the best light?
    A recruiter will only spend about 6 seconds on your resume before moving on to the next candidate. In those 6 seconds, can they glean why you’re the candidate that should move to the next round and how you are different/better than other candidates they are considering?
  • Will you get past the automated resume screening software?
    Yes! Any template you pick from CvCreator will get past the automated screening software that rejects so many resumes today. Pick one that stands out to you and fill in the text you need to really make a great first impression.
  • Use a Two Page Template
    Keeping your resume on 2 pages will force you to only keep the most essential and important information on your resume.
  • Write your resume to the job you want
    Don’t use the same content for every job you apply to. Recruiters will pick up that you didn’t take the time to customize it for their job and discard it. Instead, target your resume on the vacancy, by including the listed requirements in your resume.


Looking for a different style?

Find more resume templates in CvCreator’s template shop.

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  • Colorful
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Need help with writing your Resume?

Use our professional resume writing services! Your new resume will be custom made to match the content of your professional experience, education, and skills. With resumes written for all types of industries, CvCreator offers expert services in resume writing. Our approach is always personal and customer-oriented, because your new resume has to reflect you in the very best possible version of yourself.



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